Tortellini of confit duck, haricot beans, courgettes, tarragon butter

Serves 4


12 duck tortellinis

250g green courgettes

100g haricot beans

150ml tarragon butter

100g diced carrots

¼ punnit sea purslane



500g 00 flour


1 tablespoon olive oil

4 eggs

6 egg yolks


Blend the flour with the salt and gradually add the oil eggs and yolks.

Once it has come together, knead well and refrigerate.


Duck confit mousse   (Makes 12)

200g chicken breast meat.

1 egg

225ml double cream


500g diced confit chicken.


Blend the chicken breast till smooth with a little salt, add the egg and blend again.

Pass through a fine sieve and then gradually add the cream.

Add the flaked diced confit duck and then chill


Haricot beans and courgettes

250g haricot beans

250g green courgettes

1 litre chicken stock

Bouquet garni

150g diced carrots


Cook the haricot beans in the chicken stock with the bouquet garni, salt and pepper.

Once almost cooked add the carrots and cook till just done.

Slice the courgettes and then blanch in boiling salted water till al dente.

Add to the haricot beans once they are ready.


Tarragon butter sauce

100g Sliced shallots

100 g sliced mushrooms

150 ml white wine

50 ml double cream

250ml unsalted butter

1 teaspoon chopped tarragon


Mix the sliced shallots with the button mushrooms and white wine.

Reduce to a syrup and then add the double cream.

Monte in the butter, season with lemon juice and seasoning.


To serve

3 tortellinis each.

Haricot beans

Tarragon butter sauce

Sea purslane