Tasting Notes: Côtes de Provence Rimauresq 2014, Provence, France

Although rose wines are a perfect companion for sunny days and terraces, they also allow for interesting wine pairings, meeting halfway between the freshness of a white and the fruitiness of a red.

Côtes de Provence Rimauresq is bright and clear and displays a delicate pink color with light salmon tinges. The nose offers an intense profile of fresh red berries, such as raspberry, strawberry and red currant. These fruity notes are then completed by a charming floral character through Jasmine and rose petal fragrances.
The smooth palate confirms fruit flavours found on the nose (raspberry, strawberry…), alongside elegant floral hints and some candy notes. Citrus aromas (blood orange, grapefruit) bring a balancing freshness to the wine, and provide a long and mouth watering finish. This wine is to be drunk during it’s youth (within 2 years) in order to fully enjoy its ripe and crispy character.

Suggested pairing at Le Pont de la Tour:

Roasted scallops, smoked ham beignet, white onion purée, lemon oil
Scottish Smoked salmon, traditional condiments
Grilled salmon, spiced Provençal couscous