Loire Valley Wine Paired Dinner

We invite you to a special four-course dinner and wine pairing in our wine cellar on Friday 29th March at 7pm. Preview our April menu, featuring fresh seasonal ingredients and perfectly paired regional wines.

Enjoy a bespoke dinner by Head Chef Kiran Suvarna, starting with the Globe Artichoke salad, showcasing the prized artichokes of the Loire, their delicate hearts paired with the creamy tang of St. Maure goat cheese. We then dive into the region’s bountiful rivers with our Monkfish Beurre Blanc. Here, the Loire’s famed white fish is bathed in a velvety sauce, enriched with mussels, cockles, and a hint of sea salt, all paired with the wine from the same region.

The wine cellar features a long group dining table, for up to 30 guests, so you’re sure to enjoy the company of fellow French food and wine enthusiasts.