Taste of France: Brittany and Normandy

Le Pont de la Tour invites you on a delicious adventure with our new “Taste of France Regions” menu series. Each first Monday of the month, we’ll transport your taste buds to a different corner of France, celebrating its unique flavours and culinary traditions. Our first stop is Brittany and Normandy.

We begin in the ruggedly beautiful regions of Brittany and Normandy, bordering the Atlantic coastline. These lands are renowned for their exquisite seafood, rich dairy products, and crisp apples transformed into unforgettable cider and Calvados.

Picture yourself savouring fresh-caught Coquille St Jacques, roast diver-caught scallop in shell, artichoke purée, broad beans & sauce Normande – a true taste of the sea infused with elegant flavours. Or, indulge in the classic Gigot d’Agneau Persillé, delectable lamb infused with the richness of rosemary jus and new seasons white asparagus, and purple potatoes, paired with wine from the same region.

Discover the diverse flavours that make French cuisine beloved the world over!