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Wine at Le Pont De La Tour

As part of D&D London’s annual Love Wine fortnight, our head sommelier, Antoine Dugand, has revealed his list – made up of wines he really loves and wants to share with you. Their prices have been significantly reduced for the fortnight in order to make them more accessible. The impressive wine cellar at Le Pont de la Tour is extremely diverse – over the last 20 years the numerous sommeliers have influenced the collection with their extensive knowledge and experience.

With many interesting cuvées and different format bottles the team love suggesting interesting choices and the best wines to be drinking now. For a special treat, Antoine suggests the Aurelien Suenen – a specialist grower Champagne for £86 usually £122, or – if there are a few of you, why not try the Petrus Jeroboam (6 bottles) – you can’t experience this anywhere else! The Love Wine list will be available from 14 February to 2 March 2014.

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